Coaching is it for you?





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Don't agree at all  -  Somewhat agree  -  Totally agree

  • I feel that I need to create more balance between my home life and work

  • I am ready to improve my relationships with others

  • I am able to commit to making changes in my life

  • I am ready to find my purpose in life
  • I am ready and willing to overcome my negative self beliefs
  • I am ready to focus, plan and take positive action to achieve my goals.
  • I am ready for less stress in my personal and work life

  • I am ready for the support of someone who will help me to focus.
  • I am ready to take control of my emotions.
  • I am ready to learn how to manage my stress levels.

  • I am ready to be happy.

(If not applicable score 5) 



Add up your score 

 Scored 30 and Under
Well Done you have a balanced Life

Coaching is not for you right now.


Scored 31 to 60
Having the support of a Life Coach could help you, by looking at how you could develop different

thought patterns which can help you focus, plan and achieve your goals

Your commitment is vital for you to succeed




Over 60


You will do what ever it takes to fulfill your goals and dreams to create the life you desire.

Life coaching will give you the tools and strategies to achieve your full potential.



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Happy Healthy you!